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A new active cycle for Powermail development as begun.  We have several things in the works including in priority the following:

1.  A fix for the php 5.4 bug that has been discovered.  (blank screen if site is upgraded to php 5.4 by your administrator or server provider)
2.  Upgrade of Powermail for Joomla 3.0 and higher
3.  A new license for Powermail (our current license system has caused disruption for many sites)
4.  New feature development.

If you have new features that you have been hoping to see, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it right away to let us know what these are.

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PowerMail v1.9 is out!!

To all PowerMail users - We have added some requested features for this version of PowerMail.  

Features to enjoy in version 1.9 are some of the following:

1.  PowerMail now has frontend views with both blog and listing views.  You may choose all powermail content or only by sender or account. 

2.  A PowerMail Module - you may choose the titles to be shown in a module that represent the latest articles by sender or account.

3.  One of our favorite features is a new and improved publish control which allows instant publishing or unpublishing of any submitted article instantly from within the email.  (no logins or replies needed)

4.  Now your senders can have a confirmation email that their content was received.  You can enable this by user or globally.  Also give trusted users the ability to publish or unpublish their own content.

5.  Float control has been added for attached images.  Float your text around these attached images.

6.  User avatars allows a picture or icon to be associated with any user.  It can be placed at the top of any article if desired for each user.

PowerMail Pro v1.8 beta PDF Print E-mail

Powermail Pro v1.8 beta has been released tonight for anyone to try.

The following features are included:

• Whitelist and blacklist for emails accepted
• Remove html to keep all received content similar
• Easily place all content on frontpage without powertags
• Easily place all content in registered areas without powertags
• Add Intro limits for any article by user or account or globally
• Remote control publishing without logging in!!
• Downsize images to your chosen storage
• Separate display size for images in addition to storage size control
• License re-issue controlled by user for any unlimited licenses (not for 2 week trial or one year licenses)


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Give is helping reach Vision 2020 by helping the blind poor around the world to receive sight restoring operations.  


It is a project of the Mission Eyes Network, a world wide online community of eye care providers who have interest in serving this group.  


Please learn about the scope of world blindness and consider contributing to help our community of ophthalmologists and more fight preventable blindness around the world.

PowerMail Pro Version 1.7 release PDF Print E-mail

We are happy to announce the immediate release of PowerMail Pro v1.7 beta.


There are many new features for this version.  The following list illustrates:


  • New plugin architecture built for PowerMail
  • Video and Audio support added - display right in content
  • google document support for appropriate attachments
  • Youtube link support explained
  • New Control Panel added with setup help
  • Improved publish control for account vs user vs global
  • Improved image control
  • adding ability for administrator to specify where attached files will reside


Please test this version and let us know if any bugs are found.


Purchase Powermail Pro! (now in J1.5 or J1.7)



How many people are blind worldwide?