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There are 10 different powertags that can be used to direct your content right from your email or phone.


The following tags can be used if a user has been enabled in the backend as a "PowerUser"


PowerUser and Syntax of PowerTags:

There are 9 powertags that can be used by a poweruser. One tag, {readmore} is available to all users. The following include the syntax and usage.

{alias NAME} Place the name of the author overriding the default

{publish_up YYYY-MM-DD} This will populate the publishing on date
{publish_down YYYY-MM-DD} This will turn the article off on the specifed date

{state 0} Article will be unpublished
{state 1} Article will be published
{state -1} Article is expired
{state -2} Article is in the trash

Please note that the default state for a poweruser is for an "unpublished" state unless overridden with the above tags. This forces a poweruser to always think and decide whether to turn on or off the publishing state for each email sent.

{frontpage} Article will be on the frontpage

{readmore} Text before will be introtext and after will be fulltext. Please note that this is the one global tag that will work even for a non-poweruser.

{secid xx}
Replace the xx with the desired section id
{catid xx} Replace the xx with the desired category id

{metakey xx} Replace the xx with the desired meta keywords for the article
{metadesc xx} Replace the xx with the desired meta description for the article

{access x} Replace x with either either 1 or 2.  1 = registered access, 2 = special access.  The default is 0 for public access.





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