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As we moved into a new licensing system for PowerMail Pro, it has caused some confusion over where to find the latest version of PowerMail and how to upgrade.


Essentially, a PowerMail Pro trial is now available to any Joomla website and can be registered directly from within the component.


The order and licensing site for PowerMail Pro is:


In order to upgrade from a Trial version of PowerMail Pro, simply go to the above link and obtain an upgraded license.  Then, simply put in the license in the parameter section of PowerMail Pro under the license tab.


Please note that the login information for this is different than for the login information for just  We are working towards having a single login for this site in the future.


PowerMail Basic may be ordered in either of 2 places:





Purchase Powermail Pro! (now available for J1.5, J2.5 and J3.0