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Version 1.6 is released on June 7th.


This version focuses on ease of retrieving mail and offers 2 new options for mail retrieval.


1.  Mail retrieval from the content screen can be triggered by the administrator to check all accounts


2.  A true cronjob now is possible and can be setup to retrieve mail.  This is helpful if you have a site that has slow traffic and yet you want the mail to be retrieved at certain defined intervals.  You can actually turn off the system plugin for PowerMail.


A configuration checker is included to check the setup of any accounts that are added for mail retrieval.  See the "test" button in the account screen.  This may help troubleshoot if you setup any new accounts.


Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail support are present and a more detailed explanation details this within the help file.  This support is present on prior versions to 1.6 but we have more thoroughly outlined the settings and common issues for problems with these types of accounts.



Version 1.7 is in the works and is focusing on bug fixes that have been sent in from current users and some new improvements in functions.  We are adding a plugin section that will more thoroughly interact with other components.  Please send us your ideas for plugins that make sense.   The first plugin will be google document support to show appropriate attachments (.doc, .xls and .ppt) in a google document viewer within your Joomla content


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