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PowerMail Changelog


Initial totally redone version - one year in development

Added ability to send content of received email to administrator (not just a notice of email)
Added receiving of basic html information directly from the email (bold, underline, italic, font)
Added ability to send to specific Joomla sections and categories
Refined resizing of sent photos to be included in article
Added Powertags capability - allow users to direct each portion of the content including pubishing up and down dates, author, and metatags

1.0.1 bugfix:  fixed admin email "from name" to correspond with site name
1.0.2 bugfix:  fixed content count per user on backend
1.1 Added image handling - allows placing images before or after the {readmore} tag
1.13 Fixed cron issue in Beta that wouldn't grab emails.

feature:  Changed powertag syntax for author {created_by_alias xx} to {alias xx} for ease

feature:  changed files to secure Powermail from SQL injection attacks

bugfix:  now able to delete a user when no content is present


bugfix:  PowerMail and MMS blog can now work on the same Joomla installation and run simultaneously

Added handling of emails from Outlook and Windows Mail

Added handling of all cellphone input:  SMS, MMS and Email from cellphones


bugfix: minor tweaks to SMS/MMS handling

bugfix: tweaks to Outlook email handling


added Powertag for {access} - allows registered only or special content


feature: Added attachments (.txt, .ppt, .doc, .pdf, .xls)

feature: Enhanced image control including alignment, margin and border control, specific to users also

bugfix: fixed bug to display non-standard characters in the title such as: and , ,

feature: Added lightbox effect for any attached photos in content


feature: Admin can specify which attachments to allow and maximum file size

bugfix:  Empty subject line is fixed to only show plain text

new Powermail logo added/changed


feature: New inline backend tips

feature:  New language files for :  German, Dutch and Danish

bugfix:  sporatic spacing issues and embedded images are fixed

bugfix:  exclude file and exclude text is improved (can exclude footers here as well)

feature: new {end} tag will allow excluding any unwanted automatic footers

bugfix:  allow attached .txt files

bugfix:  fixed backend showing of all types of attached files

bugfix:  Umlaut characters can be received in MMS subject lines as well as content from a cell


feature: Swedish language file added


various bugfixes
1.5 Removed requirement for ioncube loader

added support for target=_blank or _top or _parent

more bugfixes for embedded images


gmail, yahoo, hotmail, pop3 accounts compatibility complete

added alert email on/off toggle

added configuration checker for account settings

added backend mail retriever from content screen

added frontend cron to retrieve mail from any server


New plugin architecture built for PowerMail

Video and Audio support added - display right in content

google document support for appropriate attachments

Youtube link support explained

New Control Panel added with setup help

Improved publish control for account vs user vs global

Improved image control

adding ability for administrator to specify where attached files will reside


Whitelist and blacklist for emails accepted

Remove html to keep all received content similar

Easily place all content on frontpage without powertags

Easily place all content in registered areas without powertags

Add Intro limits for any article by user or account or globally

Remote control publishing without logging in!!

Downsize images to your chosen storage

Separate display size for images in addition to storage size control

License re-issue controlled by user for all unlimited licenses


Frontend views for powermail - both blog and list

New PowerMail module

New Publish/Unpublish control buttons in alert email

Sender alert email option with or without publish control

added Float control for attached images

added option of User Avatars customizable by sender

Current tasks:

  • Version 2.0
  • Support for K2 content finally!
  • Joomla 1.6 compatibility

On the docket:

  • Geocontent plugin for mms/sms tracking via gps
  • adding language files for French, Italian and more
  • adding a Jomsocial plugin to post new content to the activity stream
  • adding an alphapoint plugin to give contributing users points
  • Statistics backend module